What to Expect at Advent


What happens during a worship service?

Services change slightly throughout the year, but there are always readings from the Bible, songs, prayers, a sermon, and the celebration of communion.

can i RECEIVE communion?


Everyone is invited to receive communion and participate fully in worship.

How long do services last?


Services on Saturday evenings are normally about forty-five minutes long. Services on Sunday mornings are usually about an hour.

Are kids welcome?

Absolutely. Kids are always welcome to worship at Advent. During the school year, we offer Sunday school during the first half of worship, but kids are invited to stay in the sanctuary as well if they want.

What should i wear?

walk in dinner.jpg

Some people wear shorts and sandals. Some people wear ties. Most people wear something in between. Wear whatever makes you comfortable.

anything else i should know?

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From September through June, come to the fellowship hall next to the sanctuary after worship on Sundays for coffee and snacks. If you are new, someone will be happy to point you in the right direction.