Sunday School

Welcome to Sunday School 2016 – 2017!
Come and join a class – we would love to have you!
Head to the classrooms for a 9:20am start time.



Our Sunday School program for children begins with 4-year olds (PreK) and goes up through grade 5 students. We continue to use the curriculum “Spark” published by Augsburg Fortress, a Bible based resource connecting worship, learning, and service. Classes begin in specified rooms at 9:20 am and the children will join the church service around 10:15 to participate in communion.  Classes meet every Sunday with exceptions for holiday and school vacation weeks.

Please click on the blue underlined “2014Sunday School reg”  below and bring completed form to the first day of class – September 18th.

If you miss the first day of class you are still invited to join us at any time of the year :)
2014sunday school reg



I know it seems that summer is just starting, but it will be back to Sunday School before we know it!!! I want to start by saying we look forward to another fun year. We are also looking to get as many new parents, youth, members, and children involved as we can!!! First, we’ve decided to change the schedule to have Sunday School during the church service time again. As soon as we know exactly how that will look, we will let everyone know. Our Advent families are so busy that we felt it was important to accommodate them as best as we could.

Secondly, we need as many people to get involved as possible!!!! This is such a fun experience for the kids, parents and volunteers and by starting early, I would like to make the transition to September even smoother. We are looking for a Sunday School Superintendent as well as teachers, so feel free to contact me directly with any questions you may have about these positions. We are looking for any-one who would like to be of help in any way. . . no help it too little!!!!!

We are planning on classes for PreK/K through 5th grade, depending on the number of volunteers and children registered. If you are new to this, contact me to find out more about Advent’s Sunday School Program.

This program is for our children at Advent, so if there are changes that can make it a better experience for all, please let me know.

Looking forward to seeing you at our Rally Day BBQ on Sunday, September 18th!

Our children are the church’s most valuable resource. Let’s make this our most amazing Sunday school year ever!

Thank you, Tina Miles Christian Education



The Sunday School directs our Christmas pageant in which all students are invited to participate.

Pageant rehearsals and pageant are:

Angels all of them!

Angels all of them!